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Large Georgian property in London with a very large price tag!

Posted 18/11/2013

We were recently commissioned to carry out a Building Survey on a property in London .We were amazed to discover it was worth £10,000,000! In fact we later found out that the market value was actually  £12,000,000 with £10,000,000 being the  offer that our client had made for the property. There is often not much room for negotiation with a property like this which is testimony to the demand for property in London from big investors. London’s property market is thriving, with foreign investors fueling prices and demand. 

The property that we surveyed was a large, five storey, beautiful classical Georgian Regency building near an affluent tourist area in South Kensington which had massive potential. It had been divided into a number of flats but our client wanted to redesign the building to increase the square footage and to also adapt the building in the most cost effective manner. There was a range of considerations we had to take into account such as adjacent buildings, knowledge of similar work in the area, fire risks, building regulations and planning consent but we were able to offer an extensive range of design and improvement ideas and solutions to the client.  


Our client was being put under pressure from her estate agents who wanted to close the deal, and who were constantly phoning us  to ask when the report would be ready…..obviously patience is not a virtue when it comes to estate agents!!! As the client needed to move quickly we were able to accommodate this with a three day turnaround and worked round the clock to achieve this. This is standard practice for us with most residential properties but it was a definitely a bit of a challenge with a property of this size.


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