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The Adventures of a Building Surveyor

Hello, welcome to the 1st Associated Blog! Here we will discuss anything and everything to do with our passion of property and surveying combined with a few of our musings on life and some of our articles thrown in for good measure.



Help to Buy – A good or bad idea?

Posted 29/10/2013

The governments first phase help to buy scheme received a mixed response across the media and the public alike. With its early unveiling of phase two enabling more and more buyers to take advantage of a low deposit, low interest rates and slowly rising house prices what effect will this have on the property market now and in the future?  

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A right Royal mess!

Posted 28/10/2013

It looks as if everyone can have property maintenance issues even the Queen! 

We were shocked to read in the Daily Mail that much of the Royal estate is in a state of disrepair. The cost of restoring these beautiful historical properties is an astronomical £50 million with both Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle reported to have an asbestos content, out dated rewiring and leaking roofs with the use of buckets to prevent rain water damage to works of art a regular occurrence!!!

It appears that in the past the practice of 'mend and make do' that started during the War Years has been in full swing in the Royal abodes with many now needing emergency care and repairs.

Should the government provide more money to preserve these properties or should the Royal budget have been better managed?

Whichever way we look at it wouldn't it be very sad if these beautiful national treasures were lost to us when they can hopefully be restored to their former glory?    


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Picking cherries!

Posted 14/10/2013

Well we do not actually mean we were picking cherries but we were on a job recently which required a cherry picker and that's where things didn't quite go to plan - sometimes despite best laid plans and all that, things still do not run as smoothly as we would like!

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Seasonal property problems - what can we do to prevent them?

Posted 14/10/2013

Speaking from experience and because we have just thrown away our Wellies after dealing with the aftermath of a burst pipe we thought we would share some good, free advice to hopefully prevent you suffering the same fate or worse.....although at the time we did not think it could actually get any worse! 


No doubt you can feel from the lack of warmth that Autumn is here which means that the icy chill of winter is surely on its way! Now is the time to make sure your property is prepared for when Jack Frost does his worst! Here are our tips to help you protect your property from the elements of the good old British Winter Weather! 

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