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See your property in 3D… 3D glasses required!

Posted 2/12/2013

Here at 1stAssociated our Building Surveyors are always keen to give our clients a really top notch service. We have recently begun to offer a 3D design service that enables us to show your property in a 3D Sketch format. Using this design software we can show you any plans you may have thought about including adding an extension, adding a whole new floor or maybe just adding extra doors and windows or roof windows.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to see what that new rear kitchen extension that you have dreamed about looks like on your property? Or what about that new extension to the roof complete with dormer windows? 

3D Sketches of bunglaow

The software that we use also enables you to virtually walk around the property so that you are able to see it from all angles, even internally if required. We can also show the design in place on a Google earth map so that you get a realistic idea of the finished design and how it fits in with the area and space available. 


Below  you can see some before and after designs of a Victorian terraced property that we have sketched.


3D sketches of Victorian Terraced property


If you would like us to sketch your property in 3D with your design ideas

feel free to contact us for a friendly chat on 0800 298 5424






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