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Is your home at risk? The threat from flooding

Posted 9/12/2013

This week we have seen areas of Britain battered by strong winds and storms with parts of the country flooded, especially along the East coast of England which was hit by the worst storm surge in sixty years.  Record high tides have seen thousands of houses damaged and thousands of people evacuated from their homes with a few even losing their homes to the sea where sand banks were washed away. 


Although the sea, high tides and inadequate sea defences will always cause problems in coastal areas we are seeing more and more floods all over the country each year. This can be down to the usual things such as swollen rivers bursting their banks after continued heavy rain fall or when thawing snow in Winter raises the river level.  

However we are now seeing flooding in properties because of the areas we are choosing to build our homes. Years ago we would not have considered building properties on flood plains but because of the improvement in technology, methods of construction and demand for housing we are now building whole new housing developments in these areas. Although we can now use deep pile foundations to reach firm ground before building homes it does not mean that there will not be problems as you can read in one of our earlier blogs below.   


If you  are considering buying a property in an area where  there is a risk of flooding, for example close to a river, you need to make sure that you can obtain insurance for the property, however,  even if you can premiums are likely to be high. 


If you are thinking about buying a property in an area that may be at risk of flooding or buying a property that may have been damaged by flooding in the past then please call us for a friendly chat with one of our Surveyors as our Building survey will identify any problems in the property including ground conditions and whether dampness is present.  


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